Kelly Harvey-Jones, MA, LCMHC

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Certified Life & Wellness Coach, and wife and mother of two, my passion is well-being. 


In my early experience working in the corporate world and later working with clients as a clinical and career counselor, it became clear to me that well-being cannot be compartmentalized. When work life is under stress, it is carried into other aspects of life. When emotional health is compromised, physical health is affected. All facets of well-being are inseparable and intertwined. My fascination with that led me to start Total Wellness, a coaching business which specializes in the totality of a person's experience, not just one dimension. 


By incorporating the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness, nutrition and positive psychology, I journey alongside my clients through a process of gaining clarity and developing customized solutions. Most importantly, I equip my clients with the tools they need to sustain the transformation. Now is the time to awaken your confidence and finally feel in control of the greatest wealth there is….your well-being. 

Credentials: Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (North Carolina); Master of Arts in Counseling (Ohio State University); Certified Professional Coach, Certified Wellness Coach & Certified Life Coach (World Coach Institute); Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition (eCornell)



What they're saying...

"I love the mental component. Too often you learn about dieting and it just focuses on food - not our attachment to food and why we stay addicted." - J.C.

"This class was an eye opener and a life-changing experience for me!! I'm excited to continue to feel awesome and speed the information to my loved ones to try to help them get healthier!" - L.B.

"I realized that my physical well-being was being blocked by my mental/emotional well-being. My mental well-being is 200% better!"

- K.A.

I really enjoyed the program. I learned so much and feel really motivated to improve my diet. I learned the most from the grocery store visit. That was a real eye opener! All the classes were great! 

- M.K.

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Total Wellness LLC