Kelly Harvey-Jones, MA, LPC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Wellness Coach, and wife and mother of two, my mission is to help others overcome the psychological challenges of adopting a healthier lifestyle. 


Having spent years working in marketing & advertising, I discovered that my true passion is helping others. That discovery led to a Masters degree in Counseling and work as a counselor in Ohio and North Carolina.


After my children were born, I struggled to feel my best emotionally and physically. My frustration led me to begin a transformation toward a healthier plant-based lifestyle. I was amazed at the benefits, from greater emotional well-being to weight loss to simply feeling better.


Recognizing that so many are struggling with lifestyle-related mental and physical conditions, a passion was ignited in me to use my counseling skills to help others achieve optimal health. Most people are already interested in becoming healthier.... the challenge is sustaining it.


Through motivation and education, I equip you with the tools you need to unlock your potential. Working together, you will be empowered to make lasting and sustainable change. Now is the time to awaken your confidence and finally feel in control of your health. 


Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor; Master of Arts in Counseling (Ohio State University); Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Professional Coach (World Coach Institute); Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell)



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