Optimal Employee Well-Being Is Your Business

Optimal Outcomes Are Our Business

The emotional lessons were eye openers....I have noticed an awareness when I go to eat something. I question if I am really hungry or if something else is going on." - S.M.

Total Wellness Program:


Whether you want to provide intensive support for higher-risk employees or optimal health education for all your employees, the Total Wellness Program gives employees the tools they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In this results-oriented and highly interactive program, employees come together (at work or virtually) for one hour a week for either 4 or 8 weeks. They learn about all the facets of well-being and how to put it into practice, including stress management, work-life balance, plant-based nutrition, exercise, sleep, fun and more.

But what makes this program unique is it draws on research from neuroscience and positive psychology to emphasis mindset, mindfulness, behavior modification, and all the psychological components that can sabotage the best of intentions. In short, the Total Wellness program not only shows you what to do, but how to finally overcome the hurdles and succeed in doing it

However, the support is not only for employees. Total Wellness is here to make your life better too. An in-person presentation for all employees is included to encourage participation, as well as assistance in drafting employee communications about the program.  

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Speaking Engagements and Workshops

If you need an engaging & passionate speaker for your next wellness event,

look no further. Kelly's specialty is offering a powerful combination of research

and practical solutions in a manner that is inspiring and memorable. Choose

from her list of topics below or ask for a program tailored to your needs. Topics

can be offered as a presentation or in an extended workshop format.

Click here to request more info.

Sample Topics:

-  Healthy Habits: From Knowing It to Living It 

-  Stress Management 

-  Plant-Based Nutrition 

-  Emotional Eating 

-  The Resilient Employee 

-  Mindfulness & Meditation 

-  Embracing Change: From Surviving to Thriving 

-  Food: Who's In Charge?

Wellness Coaching

For employees who would benefit most from one-on-one attention, Kelly is available

for individual sessions as needed to address how to overcome obstacles to a sustainable

healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy Employees = Improved Productivity

Healthy employees are your most valuable asset. Let Total Wellness help get everyone on the right track with fun, research-based and powerful programs that create the shift in thinking needed to make truly sustainable lifestyle change. 

"The best thing is your instant connection with each member and with the group. Your concern and caring make everyone comfortable and motivated." - E.C.

"I love the mental component. Too oten you learn about dieting and it just focuses on food - not our attachment to food and why we stay addicted." - J.C.

"This class was an eye opener and a life-changing experience for me!! I'm excited to continue to feel awesome and speed the information to my loved ones to try to help them get healthier!" - L.B.

"I realized that my physical well-being was being blocked by my mental/emotional well-being. My mental well-being is 200% better!"

- K.A.

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